Sunday, September 9, 2018

Free Printable Work Sheets for Bass Players

If you're an aspiring Bass player, you probably know that learning to play the bass guitar - arpeggios and bass patterns at different places on the neck is really important.

Learning about options, different fretboard positions and different patterns can be helped by learning to read bass scores. They can be pretty simple, but the fact that they are written on the bass clef means you will have to pay them special attention.

For someone like me who learned to read many years ago that has provided a special challenge. I learned trumpet music written on the treble clef and became marginally adept at it.

So switching gears to the bass clef took a fair bit of getting used to. Obviously it can be done. Traditional piano players learn to read both clefs from very early in their formal training. In time it just becomes second nature.

 I've put together a series of printable worksheets (in .pdf format) to help you learn the relationship between notes on the bass clef and different positions on the bass fretboard.

 You can find them here: Level 1 Bass Worksheets and Here: Level 2 Bass Worksheets.

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